Janette is an ordinary person who is a school teacher in a small village. She posted a very simple idea at embrioo.com, described in just three sentences. The idea was about a water bar that could be produced and used by people on holidays. It could be branded or not. Can you imagine? Those were just three sentences plus a simple image attached to visualize it:

Then the idea was selected to be moved to the Embrioo Incubator rather than developing and selling it as a 360° concept to a company.

Embrioo Incubator is a pool of entrepreneurial people who want to start their own business but are lacking either the idea, or the team, or both. They are currently working with Embrioo in order to develop ideas pulled from the web platform into real businesses. Upon success the idea author and the whole team own and run the new company.

The team of six put together by Embrioo:

The team first designed a water platform branded with Coca-Cola since Coca-Cola was one of their most favourite brands:

Later, they decided that sun protection brands would also be interested ...

As well as hi-tech companies ...

And mobile service providers ...

Then, the team decided that board games should be added to the back side:

Team members consistently add smart ideas. This is how projects evolve.