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Idea developed by: Maggiе, Creative Member at

The idea: To provide parents, who want to buy insurance for their young children, with detailed and accurate information about the price of various University programs.

What problem does it solve? Assists in avoiding situations in which parents pay an insurance premium over the years and at the end of the period the total amount of money they have saved up is not sufficient to pay for the University education they would like to provide for their children.

How do parents think? One of the principal reasons they choose to purchase child insurance is to pay for the high quality education of their children in advance. Due to the long-term economical uncertainties, parents do not know how much such an education will cost eighteen years into the future. Therefore, if the insurance agent informs them of the projected total amount and the reasoning behind it, as well as of the optimal yearly installments, parents would be grateful and satisfied by the insurance company service.

Business Implications :

The Concept buyer / owner


  • Quick market penetration
    by using the network of insurance agents
  • Brand Awareness and Preference
    The university will have a direct communication channel with parents through all those years

The partnering company


  • Competitive advantage
    of better service
  • Increase of average insurance premium
    since higher amounts assumed to be spent by consumers when a clear target is set.