1. Why to post ideas to embrioo.com instead of participating directly in companies' contests?

Your idea posted at embrioo.com will stay forever in your personal account at embrioo.com and you can sell it if not today, maybe tomorrow. If one company rejects it, another company may buy it.

It is your lifetime database of ideas permanently linked to Buyers - Corporations and local companies worldwide. You can track the status 24/7 and have the proof of the copyright kept at independant server.

VERY IMPORTANT! You may gather an international team, work online together and develop it into a full-aspect concept that has a bigger chance to be sold than just a rough idea.

2. Who is a Creative member?

Any person, agency or company in the world who:

a. Is willing to share insights for any product/service upon payment

b. Has ideas for development of any brand/product/service

c. Is having draft of finalized concepts for any product/service. Could be business or Creative ones.

d. Freelancers skilled in 28  areas in our list  

Note: Your profile is seen by Corporations and other Creative members. Please let us know if you want your profile hidden for whatsoever reason.

3. What to do if I do not receive mail verification code for Registration?

Check your spam mails or click here to request again verification email.

4. When are the Creative members paid?

1. If the project is initiated by the Crowd, the author and each team member (if any) are paid when the concept is sold to a Buyer

2. If the project is launched by a Buyer (Corporation or Local) - each contest winner (if one-to-one contest) or each team member (if team needed to be gathered) are paid right after the Project owner nominates "The winner"

5. About my ideas?

1. Your ideas might be rough, or you may have draft or ready-to-use concept to sell. Rough ideas are not accessable by the Corporations since 1) rough ideas can not be copyrigted and 2) are not enough, chances to sell are almost zero.

2. The more the idea is developed, the higher chance to be understood, liked and purchased. That's why we give you the opportunity to gather a team of people with diverse expertise - talents, profesional freelancers from all around the world. You will have a virtual office to work in. Thus, the file with the right format (360° bisuness concept) goes to Corporations and has higher chance to be sold.

3. What price to put? It's up to you. When Corporation likes your idea but doesn't like the price, they will give us a sign and we'll contact you to re-negotiate.

4. The copyright remain yours or of the whole team (if any team) until a Buyer buys it.

5. When you post a draft or finalized concept, without gathering a team of Crowd Creative members from embrioo.com, you may still try other channels and sell it on your own - we may be just an alternative (to other) options for sale. Vice versa, if you engage a team inside of embrioo.com, it sounds fair that we sell it via embrioo.com only.

6. Who are Corporations?

A Corporation has a Corporate account at embrioo.com and ideas are reviewed and assessed by its Corporate Managers.

7. What is a Challenge?

Embrioo.com is the platform connecting people/agencies with Corporate Managers. A Challenge is a contest. Money are payable by the Corporation for the winning idea they will choose. They may buy more than one idea (any other idea they buy receives the same price) in case they believe those ideas could be usefull in the future e.g. for other brand, or other occasion. 

You can also post ideas, drafts, finalized concepts for the Corporation that are not related to Challenge topic. In this scenario you set the price you would like to receive as an author. If they like it and agree to the price, they will buy it. If the price is too high, they will try to re-negotiate.

8. Who are exactly those Corporate Managers?

We do not judge - Corporations's account owner appoints them.

9. Who is a Buyer?

A Buyer is any Advertising, Marketing agency or a person, who wants to buy an idea, concept in development or full-aspect 360° business concept. The ideas are posted at embrioo and developed into concepts from creative members worldwide.

10. What is a 360° business concept?

It covers all aspects of Business: from your Rough idea/brief to the evaluation of the profitability. Read more here.