Detelina Smilkova
Thanks to Mrs Detelina Smilkova and her team from VUZF University for their support, immediate positive action, endless passion & dedication.
University of Insurance & Finance
VUZF is providing the halls and facilities for you to feel comfortable and have warm and cosy work space conditions.
Will be partnering in connections with all AIESEC students.
will work out the franchise concepts and will provide contacts with Franchisees to the teams which projects are  successfull and franchise-applicable. 
Hermes group
Hermes group will manufacture product prototypes for free for  the teams which work on a projects related to physical products. To sample their work.
Job Tiger
is career website and HR agency with broad expertise in labor market. Owner of the largest career forum "National Career Days" and largest students network.
Is the largest local students online network. They will speak about us. We will choose to support 11 clubs linking them to embrioo Incubator.
Will be partnering in connections with all UNWE students.
Will be delivering the News and connecting us to all UNWE students.
Career Starters
Will provide connections with their members, young talented students.
Mario Design Group
Mario Design is going to provide mentorship to all Industrial designers and New products developers in embrioo Incubator. 
Crowd funding platform that will help the incubator teams to fund its acceleration phase, when certain amount of money is needed to cover third parties services costs.
Softacad is exclusive partner in IT & Web development. Will provide professional trainings and will be  mentoring the web developers and IT young members. 
Eugene Perma
CHEN YU is a premium French brand owned by Eugene Perma. Its exclusive partner Taota will provide for free 150 make-up sessions for the best performing members.
Start it Smart
Start it Smart is an entrepreneur club dedicated to connect entrepreneurs with investment opportunities, "3 Challenge" annual event/contest owner.
Sheffield University
will provide mentors & lecturers (foreign) for young incubator members on New products development, New trends and Innovations.
Embrioo Incubator is opening also at New Bulgarian University in April 2013. will provide the QR campaign efficiency tracking system for all communication campaigns run by embrioo Incubator and their teams.

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