We have dedicated our resources to protect the intellectual rights of both Creative members and the Corporations.

We believe Embrioo.com must be fair for all! In summary:

Dear Creative Members,

The ideas, drafts and concepts posted by you remain yours until purchase. If you invite other people to join your team and help you develop the rough idea into a business concept, then the copyrights are owned by the whole team. In both scenarios, postings are visible:

1)     Only via the Demo file you upload (the other files and details are shown after purchase):

2)     To Corporations which have paid the annual participation fee:

  • We know who their Users are and monitor their activity while they are browsing the website. Corporate Users are identified since they can only use Corporate emails e.g. name@coca-cola.com
  • We communicate with them only through their corporate emails.
  • Corporate Users are divided into two groups - with or without PA /purchase authorization/. Only PA could see the demo files. By default these PA Users are the Top-Level Managers and are not on the position to surrender their authority because of stealing someone's idea. The rest users have no access to Crowd materials but only can post and develop ideas for own Corporation.

3)     To the members of the team. Only the Project Manager can make changes to project data. We keep all team forum discussions and upload history for reference in the case of misuse.

If you post an idea relevant to an Organisation which is not yet registered, we will inform them about the value adding idea posted on Embrioo, without fully disclosing your materials. We will ask for your permission if a demo is requested and will sign a Non- Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The NDA and correspondence are also stored on our servers.

Postings are not visible in full detail to corporations before a contract is established. Other Creative members and University account users do not have full access either, and only see the brief description of the project. the cover picture, potential Buyers and other non-consequential details. Non-registered visitors have no access.  

Corporations which have not signed a contract only have the right to launch business concept contests, which are pre-paid.

Please note: Rough ideas are not protected by the Copyright Law. An idea becomes better protected as it is developed further.

Publishing material in a public platform, where official disclaimers have been signed, is a better option compared to sending one-to-one mail, which may never be read or answered, or sharing it with someone else.


Dear Corporate Members,

How do we protect you?

1)     The ideas you will receive as a response to a Contest/Challenge are the creation of their authors or the copyright has been transferred to them officially by the previous owner.

2)     Each author e-signs a legal disclaimer, ascertaining the above, and you receive two pdf copies – one of which is kept on your Embrioo account and another is sent to you for local storage.

3)     The above also applies to Crowd ideas, drafts and fully developed concepts posted by Creatives upon their initiative.

4)     You have full access to the profiles of all team members who worked on the concept you have purchased.

5)     Only Corporate Users that you have explicitly invited have access to your Corporate account. The account is administrated by two to three account administrators of your choosing, who have the right to invite, manage contests, grant purchase authorization and activate or deactivate the account.

6)     Corporate Users are sent invitation emails, which contain verification codes usable only once, ensuring emails cannot be forwarded to someone else. Each verification code is linked to the User you invited and we know exactly who he/she is, whether he/she used it and when.

To summarize once more:



 We remain open to discuss and answer any further questions you may have in this regard at rennie@embrioo.com.