With the present, I hereby acknowledge, declare and state:

1. I am 18 years of age or more and am fully capable to understand and undertake all legal actions under my full discretion as an individual.

2. I have read, understood and fully accept and agree with the Terms of use (Terms of agreement) published in embrioo.com /Embrioo/ at http://embrioo.com/legal-notice as a Creative member of the website and user and/or deliverer of the services provided thereto.

3. All the data and information filled in the above registration form and its contents are true and correct.

4. I possess, have developed or created on my own or use and will use with the permission of the owner all the data, information, pictures, images, drawings, texts etc. and any other objects of copyrights, industrial property and connected rights which I have already uploaded or will be uploading in the Embrioo website contents: 1) at registration, 2) when/if updating my profile, 3) when/if posting a brief or concept in the website, or 4) when/if participating in a Challenge and/or concept development as a Creative member, in any role.

5. Any liability for using copyrights, industrial property rights and objects and connected rights in the brief/s/ or concepts published by myself and in the input made in other briefs or concepts I will be working on as a Creative team member in Embrioo, shall be borne entirely by myself and are under my personal responsibility and discretion.

6. When I will be posting brief/s/ or publishing concepts in the website contents and in the input made in other briefs or concepts I will be working on as a Creative team member in Embrioo, I will not use or disclose any strategical, commercial or otherwise sensitive information, data, plans or ideas being a property of my current employer or any other entity or person I have been working for or with, or will be working for or with,  and/or have developed for or with, regarding any such or similar products, objects, texts, images and concept/s/ or ideas and in case of any claims or prosecution in this respect I hereby state that I will not seek, demand or claim any responsibility from or against Embrioo or Concept for you Ltd.

7. I agree and hereby confirm unconditionally my consent if the contents of the briefs /concepts/ published or input made as a creative team member in other briefs/concepts are against the moral, ethics, local or international laws and regulations, or in breach of any of the Terms of agreement of Embrioo or any declarations and statements I have made in the website, the relevant brief/concept and/or all its contents to be immediately removed and erased fully or partially from the system and the website contents of Embrioo and I hereby discharge any responsibility or liabilities whatsoever from or against Embrioo or Concept for you Ltd. in this respect and for any claims or prosecution against me related thereto.

8.  All of the ideas/materials which I am publishing for an initiative and/or contests with social cause, in which (initiatives) it is written that no awards will be granted (neither monetary, nor other type of the award), and also in which the brief do not state awards are published upon my own consent having in mind that no award of any kind will be / might not be granted. With this regard, I will not expect, nor claim and/or keep responsible neither Embrioo.com, nor Concept for you Ltd., nor the organization that launched the social cause contest/initiative.  


When a Challenge(s) is launch and the Challenge owner/initiator announces awards (monetary or else) and when I am selected as an award winner/beneficiary: 

9. All the payments I will make in my capacity of a member of the website and any payments I will receive in my capacity of a creative team/s/ member shall be made or received by myself personally and I am entirely responsible for the derivation of the funds paid and for the payment of any taxes, duties, fees, etc. (personal or corporate) for the funds received in my domicile.

10. I understand and acknowledge that any payments I will be entitled to receive as a Creative member in Embrioo are result of the services I will be performing solely or as a Creative team member and shall be received by myself from the Buyers – members of the site and as such Embrioo is not the payer of these fees (remunerations) for which purpose I will not and cannot seek any responsibility from Embrioo for delayed payments, interest, refusals to pay or chargeback for such payments made by the relevant Buyer/s/.

11. I do not and will not seek, demand or claim with respect of the above declarations and statements any responsibility or liabilities whatsoever from or against Embrioo or Concept for you Ltd.

12. I am fully and personally responsible for the correctness and truth of the above declarations and statements and for the fact that I have read, confirmed and understood them.