STEP 1 - technical

   A) Register as Corporate Buyer (Open Corporate account):  

  • The person who register the account is granted automatically the administrative rights over the Corporate Account. The administrative rights include:
    • Invite / Suspend Corporate Users upon own consideration
    • Invite / Suspend Associate Companies upon own consideration
    • Access to Account statistics
    • Grant / Suspend Project Management authorization for each user
    • Grant / Suspend Purchase authorization for each user
  • He/she should authorize two more people that should also have administrative rights to assure succession in case the account initiator / owner is no longer Corporate employee.
  • At registration, you’ll have the opportunity to recommend our network to your friends at seniour positions in other Corporations and help their business grow as well. We sincerely thank you for spreading the news about us! 

 B) Invite Corporate Users (own employees, agency or partners’ staff):

  • Account owner decides & invites. Three access security levels: one invitation path only, mail verification code (120 h valid), logs so that you are sure no outsider sneak.
  • Corporate User can not register as Creative using his/her Corporate credentials, neither to post, participate in the Crowd pool or projects.
  • Crowd pool of concepts are accessable only by Corporate users who has PA (Purchase Authorization) to avoid hanging out and time waste by Corporate Users at basic levels who neither intend to buy, nor has such authorization.
  • We strongly advice you to invite big percetage of your employees. Test their initiative to generate ideas, check what’s reaction to innovation (may be indicative), motivate the most active and creative.

 C) Corporate Users registration:

  • Is possible only if/when an invitation by Corporate account owner is received
  • After registration, we send automatically short Opportunity announce, describing what the system does, how it works, what are the benefits etc. No need for you to Brief the staff

 STEP 2 - Communication 

A) We open a Special section for your Corporation

  •  that provides the tool to all people world wide to post insights, ideas, drafts, ready-to-use concepts for your business, company, brands. See real example below:  


  • The materials coming from this section are listed only in your Corporate account and are not visible to your competitors till you decide to buy or deny them. 

 B) We place a banner and/or a news on our home page and

  • We start promoting your Contest/Challenge/Concept development among our Creative members and other people / agencies worldwide who are the target group for the specific project – either people with ideas, or professional freelancers.
  • We are enlarging every day the communication channels, communication approaches, reach. You may decide to announce the campaign through your channels as well (your home page, your Facebook page etc.).
  • We’ll agree in advance the communication message, as well as master visuals to be used.