The story 

Our founder is a person with hundreds of ideas - they just spring to her mind ... small, big, strange, simple, weird, consumer insights, future needs. She used to share her ideas with many people, believing this is where any improvement starts from.

One day, in 2006, her boss turned her life upside down. He screamed at her:

"Rennie, you may have thousands of ideas, millions of people do too. It is not enough. If you want me to approve your proposals, come with ready-to-implement, full-aspect concepts. This is the only chance for you to see your Rough ideas alive."

At that moment our lady had no clue how to develop a full-aspect concept. She had this bad feeling, as if everything was against her, and as if she was standing in front of a solid wall. Later, the puzzle pieces came to their place. Over the years she learned the major aspects of a full-aspect (360o) concept. Simultaneously, she was building the first worldwide on-line platform where any Rough idea of any person in the world (be it a Consumer insight, or a Business case, or a Creative concept) could be developed into a 360o Business concept, then sold or implemented.

This is how her life dream project, was born.

"My dream is to help people like myself worldwide - increase their chance to see their ideas alive, to sell them or implement them.

Rennie, Embrioo founder

PS: Today, I am deeply, sincerely grateful to my former boss and my team, the all the people who believed in me, and who still do.

Founder & CEO Co-Founder Co-Founder Incubator Designer Co-Founder Legal Nadeem Shaikh    Mentor Mentor



We have altogether over 200 years of experience and a proven track record of successfully completing more than 100 projects. We have had some failures (minor ones), but then – who hasn`t? Hey,  at least we are being honest!

We have gained our extensive experience while working for global leaders, brands & project such as P&G, Danone, BAT, Interbriew, AIG, Unilever, Nestle, Tuborg, Allianz, Bunge, NASA as well as for some very big local companies.