Where your spontaneous ideas become business concepts, which are then sold to corporations globally – to grow their business, revenue and profit.

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Creative member

  • Post, develop and sell ideas
  • Upon own initiative
  • Participate in a competition
  • Join Creative teams as talent
  • 32 roles in our list

Corporate member

  • Get fresh ideas and concepts
  • From crowd
  • From own employees
  • Screen existing pool or
  • Launch a competition

University member

  • Invite all students
  • To act as Creative members
  • Invite all Professors
  • To use us for case studies
  • To be mentors in the teams
Creative member
Corporate member
University member

I am an ordinary consumer.
I have ideas about products
and services that I use.

While using L’Oreal Casting product, I got an idea how to improve the product and the package.

I am a Corporate CEO/GM.

Embrioo’s concept helped my company increase market share and profits.

I am a student at University.
My University is embrioo.com member.

While analyzing the Disney Paris case, we got a business idea they can use today. We will develop and sell it to Disney via embrioo.com.

I am professional freelancer. I have creative or analytical skill: one of the 28 roles in the list.

I am an Industrial designer. I liked an idea about Pampers promotional display. I applied and joined the team. Now I’m designing this display.

I am a Talents development / Internal communication / HR Manager.

Thanks to Embrioo we can find and work with candidates before hiring them = HR success.

I am an University Professor.

Using live cases from Embrioo enriches students learning and has them part of a functioning business while still in the classroom.


I am the owner, manager or employee in a Creative studio, Marketing or Advert agency.

We have tons of ideas, drafts and Creative Concepts not used. Some of them we did not show to our clients, and some - our clients did not take.

I am an Innovation Manager.

Consumers demand innovations. Embrioo gives us the tools we need to discover and develop the next “BIG” idea.

I am University dean.

We compete for good students and faculty just like companies compete for customers. Embrioo gives us a competitive advantage by providing a real world platform for learning.


I am a professional. I have
ideas thanks to my rich experience.

I am a Trade Marketing expert. I got an idea about Activia display that could be offered to Danone.

I am a Marketing / Sales /
Trade Marketing Manager.

To stay ahead of competition we need new ideas and concepts 24/7 that we can implement quickly. This is what we get from Embrioo.

I am Director, Career development.

Students think about their careers when applying to universities. Here at the career center, Embrioo makes our job easier by exposing students to companies while they are still learning.



We believe ordinary people have viable ideas that need to reach the corporations, be sold and grow their business

We believe co-creation brings more value to the final work since diverse points of view and fresh ideas come to place. Ex:

Just a rough idea

Turns into new product design

It evolved to new technical applications thanks to other team members ex: underwater camera.

It evolved to new companies’ applications thanks to other team members.

Develop and sell your spontaneous ideas

not Just ideas sent to Corporate Challenges

Produce and offer fully developed concept with no upfront fee to the team

Access all Managers within each Corporation quickly

not Just those who launched a challenge or read “We listen to consumers” sections at their Corporate web sites

Unique to use:

  • Get spontaneous ideas from existing Crowd pool - the ones you may never thought off
  • Get 360° concept format – decide and implement fast
  • Use us as internal Corporate tool for employees engagement & build lifetime internal database of ideas and concepts by own employees
  • Corporate tool could be linked to Crowd and Universities upon your own consideration
  • Link to all Universities – students and lecturers

Similar to other current options:

  • Launch own competitions upon brief to get ideas and concepts and co-create
  • Find talents tested in real practice

More than 200 concepts. By Crowd. Ready-to-use by Corporations:

New product/service
Kids engagement
This is a game for kids. Each stage is developing different skill. ...
  • By: Crowd team
Consumer - promotion
hair coloring products for short hair
how to sell more hairstyling products to women with short hair? Make your consumers more satisfied and steal those of your competi...
  • By: Crowd team
New product/service
last minute order
Effective idea for all FMCG and Retailers: to increase consumer basket and simultaneously enhance consumer experience. The target ...
  • By: Crowd team
New product/service
Self hair cut machine
I have an idea to create a relatively simple electrical appliance, suitable for hair cutting. The main advantage of it will be tha...
  • By: Crowd team
Community marketing
Have the Bottle to Innovate
“Have the Bottle to Innovate” positioning strategy and marketing campaign for a global drinks company: Drinks companies are...
  • By: Crowd team
New channel/POS
Crystal tattoos in clubs. A new hot place to sell.
About new channel for you to sell crystal tattoos and other accessories. ...
  • By: Crowd team
New product/service
Innovative eyelash curler - Regular Model and High End Model (w battery for heater)
A softer, gentler and entirely new way to curl eyelashes is finally here for all eyelash beauties out there! I have an innovative ...
  • By: Crowd team
New product/service
Shower energy saver
I have an idea to save energy by heating up the cold water arriving to a shower mixer with the warm used water going to the drain....
  • By: Crowd team
Launch/re-launch strategy
Launch new scent
A non-conventional way to launch new scent...
  • By: Crowd team
Consumer - promotion
Consumer interactive promotion. Makes your consumers work together. Online game / application for all type of products, brands...
  • By: Crowd team
Existing brand/product - renovate
tattoos on your clothes. Why not?
place special tattoos on the clothes and make clothes producers increase their sales. The tattoos will bring a very special emotio...
  • By: Crowd team
New product/service
Salad & Shake
This machine allows you to make your salad automatically on the spot. The Salad Shake Club allows you to create your favorites sal...
  • By: Crowd team

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